Hi there. That’s me, looking at something off in the distance. A squirrel probably.

Here’s the rundown; I’m 21, from Orange County, and I produce music. The songs I make vary quite a bit; my collection ranges from acoustic to electronic to pop to indie. If I had to pick one genre to call mine I’d probably choose pop, but I’ve never been great at sticking to one genre; instead I carry them all like flowers, a nice little bouquet. When I’m not making music or telling my cat he’s a good boy I’m usually studying, on a job (photography stuff), or playing a show with my bandmate (for my other musical project, SkyDive).

Here are some (slightly) interesting facts about me:

How to pronounce my name: Jen-uh May-sun Bra-zee
Favorite color: blue
Cat’s name: Fumeaux (foo-mo. It’s french.)
Most recent EP: The Monster and the Color (released in October 2016)
My car’s name: Reptar
Where to reach me: Twitter is great, Tumblr is good, Facebook is okay, carrier pigeon is best
Favorite drink: Diet Coke
Where I live: here


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Heather Hogan plugged you on Twitter for your PLL post, and now I’ve wasted a good long time on your site.

    Your music is wonderful, and your voice is beautiful. Where can I purchase your songs?

  2. Hey Jenna. I saw the story of you being gay on twitter that was RTed by Shay. I know we never talked before but I’m here if you ever need to talk. I’m not gay, but I have other problems that makes me different from other people. I know what it’s like to be shut out from everyone…to not be liked by everyone or even to lose someone because of being yourself. If you ever need anything feel free to email me.. mia171980@aol.com (:

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